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General Information
Full NameShinzō
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows Vista
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorRed

Shinzō (Japanese: 新造), is an OS-kun that depicts Windows Vista. He is one of the lesser known OS-kuns.


Shinzō is a man who dresses in a black and red suit. He is the second of the Vista siblings, being the younger brother of Bisukei, and the elder brother of Vistake and Visbou. A former host and a god painter (unlike Vistake), he loves his sister and will not tolerate anyone who makes Vistake cry.

He lives far away from the Windows Family and doesn't come back often. Sometimes he comes home to see Vistake's sketchbook or go to karaoke with Bisukei and other celebrities, but he does not appear very often.

At times he is depicted with a cigarette or a baseball bat in art, unlike Vistake's scythe.


  • He has an elder brother named Bisukei びす兄 who also personifies Windows Vista.
  • On some sites, since his name isn't well known he is referred to as Vistake-kun.

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