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General Information
Full NameBisukei
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows Vista
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorRed

Bisukei (Japanese: びす兄), is an OS-kun that depicts Windows Vista. He is one of the lesser known OS-kuns.


Bisukei is the eldest of the Vista siblings and the older brother of Shinzō, Vistake, and Visbou. He shows no mercy to those who make Vistake cry.

He is a ninja who sleeps and wakes up on the ceiling of the OS house for training.


  • Perhaps because he usually hides, his shadow is faint, and even in group paintings, he is drawn so that you can't tell where he is unless you look for him.
  • On some sites, since his name isn't well known he is referred to as Visbou-kun.

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  • Windows Vista, page about the OS itself and its family, that also lists alternate personifications.

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