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General Information
Full NameVisbou
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows Vista
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorBrown

Visbou (Japanese: びす坊, Bisubou), is an OS-tan that personifies Windows Vista. She is one of the many variations of the Windows Vista personifications.


Visbou is the youngest of the Vista siblings. She is naive and innocent for her age and doesn't show a negative side like her older sister, Vistake. She was given a ninja-like design because "one of the Vista logos looked like a shuriken." Because of her innocence, she is able to accept requests from Toshiaki in secret. (e.g., "Get me 95's underwear...").

Similar to how Vistake's characterization was a topic of controversy, Visbou is often disliked as an OS-tan who does not capture the characteristics of the OS.

During her days of training as a ninja apprentice, she would speak with "~gozaru" at the end of her sentences. She is also the childhood friend of Reobo, who is one of the Mac OSX-kuns.


  • Because of how Visbou is sometimes drawn, she tends to look like a male character.
  • Vistake has a sister named Vistake who also personifies Windows Vista. Unlike her sister, Vistake is an abrasive, self-deprecating jealous character.
  • In the early days, she was called "bisuta" or "shinobisuta".

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