Shiko Aishi

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This is a beta version of this page and is not finished. Some entries is missing.
General Information
Full NameShiko Aishi
Universe/OriginWNR Universe
Debut2023-3-17 (character), 2045-11-22 (OS)
PersonifiesWindows Death
Hair Colorred
Eye Colordark red

Shiko Aishi (Japanese: 愛誌四子, Aishi Shiko) is the female personification for Windows Death. She is a character for WNR Universe.


"Hi! It's Shiko Aishi-chan. Nice to meet you!"

  • Full Name: Shiko Aishi
  • Birthday: February 11, 2025
  • Age: 20;
  • Personality: A bubbly girl that is fighting her depression;
  • Hobbies: playing video games, surfing the web, making artwork;
  • Job: A college student in Kareji College;
  • Story: She had a ok childhood, despite her father passing away when she was 18.


This is a beta version of this page and is not finished. Some entries is missing.


She has long red hair, red eyes, the same outfit as Sanko Sora, and slippers featuring the Minderian orb.

Family and Relationships

Windows Death-kun

Saburo, her older brother, tries to help Shiko out of her depression because he was depressed before.

Windows 2030-chan

Shiko knows Sanko's name, despite only meeting one time.

History and Future

This part of the page is a beta. Some entries are missing.


  • Her first name, Shiko, was supposed to mean death child, but that was changed to fourth child because she has 3 older siblings, and to avoid criticism.
  • She and her brother has the same surname as the Aishis in Yandere Simulator.
  • She has the same birthday as the real life OSM creator, MinderiaYT (real name name Curtis Muse), just 25 years after his birthday.