Sanko Sora

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General Information
Full NameSanko Sora
Universe/OriginWNR Universe
Debut2023-3-3 (Character) 2030 (OS)
PersonifiesWindows 2030
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorOrange, with yellow effect

Sanko Sora (Japanese: 空三子) is the personification for Windows 2030. She is a character for WNR Universe.


"Greetings! My name is Sanko Sora. It is nice to meet you!"

  • Age: 25;
  • Personality: A lady that seems awkward and reserved, but is actually a Yamato Nadeshiko.
  • Hobbies: doing chores, working on computers
  • Job: A full-time mother and a part-time employee at a computer store.


Sanko might seem awkward and reserved at first sight, due to her voice and her bad posture. But when you get to known her, she is caring and kind for her loved ones. Additionally, she has a katana hidden in her basement, which she uses when invaders come into her home, and to discipline troublemakers in her family, but she didn't really use that much until the 2nd OS Wars occured.

Family and relationships

Windows Infinity-tan

Windows Infinity-kun

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