Madobe Universe

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The term Madobe Universe is used on the Wiki to refer to the collection of OS-tan ideas related to the Madobe Family.


The Madobe Universe characters essentially consist of the Madobe Family, with only a few characters such as Ruri Azumi that does not belong to the Family.

Inori Aizawa is said to be close friends with Nanami, Yū and Ai Madobe, as well as the Hikaru's cousin, who has herself three sisters, Yu (eldest), Aoi, and Lei.

Lore and Setting

Some profiles about the main characters from the Madobe Family have been released, though the universe they belong to is not expanded, and the various official published work appear to only feature a specific setting, the Akibano Computer Shop, notably in the Nanami Madobe's Commercial or the Cloud Girl Comic.

Tōko Madobe is said to come from 100 years in the future, but nothing about her era or how she time traveled is explained.