Yū and Ai Madobe

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Yū and Ai Madobe.png
General Information
Full NameMadobe Yū (right) and Madobe Ai (left)
Universe/OriginMadobe Universe
PersonifiesWindows 8 and 8.1
Height152 cm[1]
Hair ColorDark Blonde
Eye ColorBlue, with rainbow reflect

Yū Madobe (Japanese: 窓辺ゆう, Madobe Yū) and Ai Madobe (Japanese: 窓辺あい, Madobe Ai) are OS-tans that personify Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1.


Their first formal mention was in an Akiba-PC article[2] from October 11 2012, announcing the Windows 8 Pro DSP Release Commemorative Packs by Windows Navi+ featuring the sisters, that came with some copies of Windows 8 during its launch in Japan in 2012. However, the Yū's silhouette already appears in a video[3] from April 25 2012 that features Claudia Madobe.

Notable Appearances

Merchandise featuring Yū and Ai Madobe


  • In the Akihabara Moe Characters Contests, Yū ranked third and Ai fourth in 2012.
    • Among the members of the Madobe Family that participated in the contest, Ai is the only one who never reached a top 3 position, though she was only 4 votes behind Yū in 2012.

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