Inori Aizawa

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General Information
Full NameInori Aizawa
Universe/OriginMadobe Universe
DesignerCollateral Damage Studios
PersonifiesInternet Explorer
Height162 cm
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Inori Aizawa (Chinese and Japanese: 藍澤 祈, Aizawa Inori) is a moe character that represents Internet Explorer.


In response to a post[1] by artist Danny Choo from March 6 2013 depicting personifications of Safari, Chrome and Firefox, the Collateral Damage Studios published two days later on their Facebook[2] and Tumblr[3] account a first work depicting Inori (presented as IE-tan version 1 in the Facebook post), drawn by artist WaHa, with the goal to get the Microsoft's attention.

The attempt was successful and soon after a representative from Microsoft Asia-Pacific approached the studio[4], and Inori became an official marketing material of the company. It is unclear when exactly she received the name of Inori Aizawa.

She was featured in a video created by Microsoft Singapore for the Anime Festival Asia 2013[5].

Inori Aizawa Early Art
Inori Aizawa Early Art


From the Inori Aizawa / 藍澤 祈 Album of the Nanami's Facebook Account[6].

  • Born: August 16 1995 (Leo);
  • Measurements: 1.62 m, unknown weight;
  • Blood Type: A+;
  • Relationships: Hikaru's cousin; close friends with Nanami, Yū and Ai
  • Likes: Surfing the Internet, HTML5, karaoke, cats, mint-flavored ice cream;
  • Dislikes: Malware, online bullies.

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