Mina Fenster

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General Information
Full NameMina Fenster
PersonifiesWindows 16-bit (1.x, 2.x, 3.x)
Hair ColorPersian Blue
Eye ColorNeon Blue Sky Blue (highlights)

Mina Fenster is the personification of 16-bit releases of Microsoft Windows versions, including Windows 1.x, 2.x and 3.x. All three releases were operating environments built as a shell on MS-DOS, which introduced multitasking, 16-bit color support, and various built-in programs.


An extroverted computer enthusiast and multimedia designer who is eager to learn and excel in various subjects. Her skills and interests include architecture, video games, and music. However, her ability to multitask can sometimes lead to fatigue and burnout.

She is also a fan of rap and hip hop music, largely because of their clever rhymes and energetic performances.


  • Mina's last name Fenster is German for window.
  • Mina used to be less self-confident during her early years, which refers to Windows 1.x and 2.x's mixed receptions.[1]
  • She has a close relationship with Amy, as she often supported Mina during her performances.
  • Her prominently blue and white color scheme references Windows 2.x and 3.x desktop palette, including the setup screens. The green, red and yellow details are from Windows 1.x's desktop palette.
  • Her extroverted personality despite her analytical mindset is inspired by this video.
  • Her nerdy and eclectic image compared to her successors is also partially based by a certain developer[2] who worked on Windows 1.0.

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