Microsoft Traffic Light-tan

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General Information
Full NameTorafikku Madobe
Universe/Originvery troubl'd winbows, macks & lintux
PersonifiesMicrosoft traffic light
DeveloperMicroshaft Corporation
Heightthe length of a traffic light, so probably really tall.
Hair Colorblack/very dark blue
Eye Colorshe has heterochromia (red/yellow/green)

Microsoft Traffic Light-tan, also known as Torafikku Madobe, is another abandoned XP family member who is the twin sister of XP-tan, and can only speak three words: "go", "stop", and "slow down". Wonder what that'd be useful for other than traffic. Her family asked her "what are you a traffic light?". Her response? "go". They then put her on the streets where she then controlled traffic for a quarter of her life.

GO! (character)

she tries so hard to communicate with others but nobody truly understood her, that is until she found a job........she got hired by Winblows 98-tan to dictate traffic across the street from her BIG CORPORATE BUILDING.

after being hired there she found someone who understood traffic sign language and translated everything she tried to say, that someone being Windows 9-tan. then she left for milk and never came back. so now Nanami Server 2069-tan thinks she's a dumb stupid idiot moron girl who's just really fixated on traffic for whatever goddamn reason. that fish doesn't understand NOTHING.

she wears two traffic light hair clips, and a yellow shirt with a scarf resembling a traffic light & a red skirt resembling a stop sign and yellow thigh high stockigns GOD I SUCK AT DESCRIPTIONS FFFFUUUUUUUUUU