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General Information
Full NameMerlin
Universe/OriginDive Girl Bigblue Merlin-chan
DesignerYamamuro (山室さん)
Hair ColorBlue Grey (Normal), Lilac (Magical Girl)
Eye ColorViolet (Normal), Pink (Magical Girl)

Merlin-chan (ま~りんちゃん) is the moe personification of OS/2, and the protagonist of Dive Girl Bigblue Merlin-chan hypothetical multimedia project, which was inspired by Magical Toko-chan Project and Project Direct Girl.


Merlin's first design concept dated back to November 2, 2000[1] which is assumed to be her first online appearance.

In her final design, Merlin's normal form has blue grey hair styled in twintails, and violet eyes. Her attire consists of blue and white school uniform with yellow tie, dark blue socks, and brown loafers.

Her magical girl form has lilac hair and pink eyes, and her uniform is mainly white, blue, and yellow with red and green details. Both her normal and magical girl design have round glasses.


Merlin is a diligent honor student with excellent grades, however she tends to rank second in her class. She is cynical and very mature for her age, and often described as an "iron man" due to her tough demeanor.

She was said to be born from a union of IBM and MS, however MS had an "affair" with DEC, resulting in the birth of NT-ko (Mika-chan), who represents Windows NT. Merlin and Mika were rivals in class, but neither were aware of being blood-related.


  • Merlin's first design features a baseball bat, however it was scrapped in the final design.[1]

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