Mary Carlson-Springler

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General Information
Full NameMary Carlson-Springler
BirthdayJune 25
Universe/OriginThe Crescent Onyx
PersonifiesWindows 95
Hair ColorYellow
Eye ColorRed
Other Information
AndroidWindroid Late 90's
My WIP pages are being made at the AOL dial-up internet speed, so don't think u'll see this one being finished fast

Mary Carlson-Springler(also known as Windroid Late 90's) is the personification of Windows 98, from my OS-tanverse(which is still WIP). She is an android from 2098.


Mary was created by ZHONKS around 3-4 years ago, though she debuted on on 25th of July 2023.


Mary is a really shy person, which likes to find out the truth no matter what the circumstances or the consequences that are going to happen. In majority of times, she gets in trouble because of the fact that she has the curiosity to find out what happened at a certain moment. Carlson-Springler can be awkward at times because of the things she sees in the Android world(things which weird her out, but are viewed as normal). As another piece of info, she's really knowledgeable about the Mattornis(Internet parody), originally having a permit which let her legally in.

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Carrie Jefferson

The first 2 Windroids


  • The name Mary was chosen to reference the codename of Win98, Memphis.
  • Her color scheme is a reference to the Internet Explorer browser, which began to be controversially bundled with this certain version of Windows.