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General Information
BirthdayOctober 1
Other Information
OriginSoutheastern Europe

Who am I?

Hello there, I am ZHONKS, one of the editors of the OS-Tans.Moe Wiki ! I didn't know this community existed LMAO, I was into OS-tans and gijinkas alike for a while...I really like retro operating systems ! I have a few interests such as tech and drawing. My main focus right now is, besides getting in university, of course, my OS-tanverse, The Crescent Onyx, which is essentially a parody of computer history.

First encounter with OS-Tans ?

Huh, if I remember correctly I saw Nanami Madobe, the persona for Windows 7. I wanted to learn how to draw and to get an unique artstyle, so I can create my own gijinkas too !

Can you tell us about your universe?

It's still a wip...Though I can say, that's gonna be a parody of what I love the most !

Where can I follow you ?

Twitter On Twitter, I'm usually commenting and stuff, not sure if I should start posting art or nah..