Carrie Jefferson

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General Information
Full NameCaroline Jefferson
BirthdayAugust 24
Universe/OriginThe Crescent Onyx
PersonifiesWindows 95
Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorRedish Brown
Other Information
AndroidWindroid Mid 90's
This page is still WIP, I'll come back to it in the future!!

Caroline Jefferson(also known as Windroid Mid 90's) is the personification of Windows 95, from my OS-tanverse(which is still WIP). She is an android from 2095.


Carrie was created by ZHONKS around 3-4 years ago, though she debuted on on 8th July 2023.


Jefferson is a really popular android, because of that, she tends to be arrogant or mean-spirited towards people, even though she doesn't really mean it, she's just saying her opinion how it is. She's a hard-working girl and tries her best to make friends(even though, like I said earlier the way she says things tends to be way too direct).

Relationships with other characters

Jane Culligham

Mary Carlson-Springler

The first 2 Windroids


  • The name Carrie was chosen to reference the codename of Win95, Chicago.
  • The shirt design chosen for Jefferson, is a reference to clouds.bmp, the wallpaper that's iconic for this certain era of Windows !