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Windows 10 Pro DSP Limited Pack Campaign
A poster used during the campaign.

The Windows 10 Pro DSP Limited Pack (Japanese: DSP版 Windows 10 Pro 発売パック)[1] came with some copies of Windows 10 Pro during a Windows Navi+ campaign for Winter 2015, that started on December 23, 2015 and ran until participating shops ran out of Packs[2][3][4]. 2000 units were distributed across the various stores[5][6].

Physically, the Pack firstly contains a CD-DA (interestingly burned rather than pressed), which stores the recording of an audio-only story starring the major OS-tans of the Madobe Family. Secondly, a serial code is also provided and unlocked the download of a Theme Pack including two wallpapers featuring the Madobe Family (one Valentine's Day and the other Hinamatsuri themed) and system sounds with the voice of Tōko Madobe, when used during the whole months of February or March 2016.

The download site was, which has been closed since long, and there are no known archive of it in a working state. While the Valentine wallpaper may easily be found on the Internet, there are no known copies of the other image and the Tōko system sounds.

Disc Technical Information

Windows 10 Pro DSP Limited Pack Disc Label.
Windows 10 Pro DSP Limited Pack Disc.
  • Title on Cover: 窓辺ファミリー ボイスドラマ (The Madobe Family Voice Drama)
  • Type: CD-DA, burned
  • 1 Track (length: 10′28″18‴)


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