The Madobe Family Voice Drama

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Windows 10 Pro DSP Limited Pack Disc Label
The original disc containing the story.

The Madobe Family Voice Drama (Japanese: 窓辺ファミリー ボイスドラマ[1]) is an audio-only story published in 2015 in the Windows 10 Pro DSP Limited Pack and featuring the major OS-tans of the Madobe Family in the setting of a small PC shop in Akihabara.


Voice Drama Prologue translated from the Windows 10 Pro DSP Limited Pack Disc Cover.

The story takes place at the Akiba DIY Company, a small store selling computer parts for DIY PC building. It is run by a kind and timid manager who hired several girls who are distant relatives as part-timers. The store is not profitable at all, but thanks to the manager's wealth of knowledge and personality, as well as the cute part-time workers, it somehow manages to survive. The Akiba DIY Company is busy preparing for the New Year's sales.

In particular, we plan to focus on the campaign sales of DSP Windows 10 products. We will prepare our own sales kit for the campaign sales and aim to expand the sales.......



  • Screenplay: Toshiya Takahashi (高橋敏也)
  • Nanami Madobe VA: Nana Mizuki (水樹奈々)
  • Ai Madobe VA: Nao Tamura (田村奈央)
  • Yū Madobe VA: Asuka Nishi (西明日香)
  • Tōko Madobe VA: Ai Nonaka (野中藍)
  • Manager VA: Daisuke Namikawa (浪川大輔)


  • The Manager already made an appearance in the Nanami Madobe's Commercial from 2010 (and was voiced by the same person). The setting was also similar.

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  1. This is the title as it appears on the Windows 10 Pro DSP Limited Pack Disc.