Trouble Windows OS-tan Fan Book

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"Trouble Windows OS-tan Fan Book"
A Trouble Windows OS-tan Fan Book.

The Trouble Windows OS-tan Fan Book (Japanese: とらぶる・うぃんどうず OSたんファンブック) is a set of OS-tan merchandise, containing three small figures and a book. It was released by Ohzora on July 7 2005 at the reference price of 2100 yens[1]

The three figures, representing 95-tan, Me-tan, and XP-tan, have an height of about 6-7 cm. While the box contains a slot for a 2K-tan figure, it is not included in the set and is a separate product.

The book contains a lot of short OS-tan comics, and also "Character Guides" of a few OS-tans.

The complete set weights about 370 g.

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