Trouble Windows OS-tan Fan Book

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"Trouble Windows OS-tan Fan Book"
A Trouble Windows OS-tan Fan Book.

The Trouble Windows OS-tan Fan Book (Japanese: とらぶる・うぃんどうず OSたんファンブック) is a set of OS-tan merchandise, containing three small figures and a book. It was released by Ohzora on July 7 2005 at the reference price of 2100 yens[1]

The three figures, representing 95-tan, Me-tan, and XP-tan, have an height of about 6-7 cm. While the box contains a slot for a 2K-tan figure, it is not included in the set and is a separate product.

The book contains a lot of short OS-tan comics, and also "Character Guides" of a few OS-tans.

The complete set weights about 370 g.

Collector's Guide

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The set is one of the most common OS-tan merchandise, regularly appearing on Japanese markets at low prices.

The demand for the set is quite high, but the supply outweighs it, making the set one of the easiest OS-tan merchandise to find. Though, a lot of resellers do scalp these, and as for any OS-tan merchandise, you should try to buy one directly from the Japanese markets via a proxy.

The exact number of sets produced is not known.

Recommended prices

  • $20-50 for a complete set in decent condition;
  • $2-10 for a lone figure or book.

Given the high availability of the set, you should not spend more than the upper bound prices.

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