Nanami Madobe's Sweet Memory

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"Nanami's Madobe Sweet Memory Poster"
A poster used during the campaign.

Nanami Madobe's Sweet Memory (Japanese: 窓辺ななみ Sweet Memory, Madobe Nanami's Sweet Memory) is a CD-ROM that came with some copies of Windows 7 Ultimate during a campaign ran by Windows 7 Mania with some partner shops starting from July 7 2012 in Japan[1].

It contains drawings (sketches including unused ones, .psd files, and final), Theme Packs and other media (like the Seven Color Generator song or a couple of ads) from previous campaigns, from the first appearance of Nanami in 2009 to this disc. The Sweet Memory campaign itself adds an artwork with some of its sketches and a first version of the Madobe Family Tree.

A booklet summarizing the CD's content also came with the disc.

The campaign is mentioned on the Windows 8 Pro DSP Release Commemorative Packs. Its full name is Nanami Madobe's Sweet Memory ~ With Love and Gratitude from Nanami to You ~ (窓辺ななみ Sweet Memory ~ ななみからあなたへ愛と感謝をこめて ~).

2000 discs were distributed[2].

Campaigns included

Start Date Campaign Translation
2009-09-25 Windows 7 パーツバンドル予約限定 プレミアムセット予約受付 Windows 7 Preorder Limited Premium Set
2009-12-04 Windows Home Server 自作応援 Windows Home Server Self-Made Support
2010-03-12 Happy Windows 7 Happy Windows 7
2010-05-06 Windows 7 で PC自作応援コマーシャル Commercials supporting self built PCs with Windows 7
2010-10-23 Windows 7 1st Anniversary/感謝祭開催 Windows 7 1st Anniversary/Thanksgiving
2011-04-29 インテル・日本マイクロソフトジョイントプロモーション Intel and Microsoft Japan Joint Campaign
2011-08-27 Windows 7 節電塾 Windows 7 Power Saving School
2011-11-04 Windows 7 Ultimate × TOUCH MOUSE リミテッドパック Windows 7 Ultimate × Touch Mouse Limited Pack
2012-03-23 Windows 7 春の新生活応援キャンペーン Windows 7 Spring Campaign
2012-04-16 Kinect for Windows スペシャルパック Kinect for Windows 7 Special Pack
2012-07-07 窓辺ななみ Sweet Memory Nanami Madobe's Sweet Memory


Sweet Memory Artwork

Madobe Family Tree

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