Windows 8 Pro DSP Release Commemorative Packs

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Complete Windows 8 Pro DSP Release Commemorative Pack (Regular Yū)
The complete regular pack for Yū, with OS.

The Windows 8 Pro DSP Release Commemorative Packs (Japanese: DSP版 Windows 8 Pro 発売記念パック) were special bundles by Windows Navi+ that came with some copies of Windows 8 during its launch in Japan. They included a Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse and a Theme Pack CD-ROM, and feature Yū and Ai Madobe. For both girls, there were three kinds of packs (so six in total):

  • The regular white pack, limited to 4000 units each for Ai and Yū;
  • The Nipponbashi variant (leopard box), limited to 500 units per character;
  • The Akihabara variant (golden box), limited to 444 units per character.

The regular and Nipponbashi have strictly identical CD-ROMs, while the Akihabara one has a different wallpaper and the "秋葉原リミテッドエディション" (Akihabara Limited Edition) mention on the CD-ROM. All three Packs also have distinct decorations on the mouse.

The CD contains three Full HD wallpapers of Ai and Yū, a fourth picture to be used as a password lock screen, and 44 short audio files of Ai voiced by Nao Tamura and Yū (Asuka Nishi). A .deskthemepack file is also included in order to set up the backgrounds and system sounds.

Discs Technical Information

Regular/Nipponbashi Ai

  • Title: MadobeAi
  • ISO Size: 13,305,856 bytes
  • Hashs:
    • MD5: 1467c26d51bcfb25778e59f4d3afd3db
    • SHA1: c41b028ea421400b72e301636c0e4ba17601141c
    • SHA256: 93414022d22e18fd4dd68442720641f0b196a0760931251c3fdf17acfbf70c01

Akihabara Ai

  • Title: MadobeAi_Akiba
  • ISO Size: 14,608,384 bytes
  • Hashs:
    • MD5: 13c1165ffa2c38e901adfb70db49cde2
    • SHA1: 79d15847f6ecf2e9130097d230ffcca28d8daad0
    • SHA256: f8c57a039e32318af49e10457365e301c28a6a87c86609ab8ef0ca5c5a04a816




In the unlikely case someone ends up with a lone and sealed mouse box that is known to belong to one of these packs, they can be distinguished by a sticker: a regular mouse is contained if there is no sticker, the Nipponbashi one if there is a blue sticker, and the Akihabara one if it is green.

A Duracell battery (dated from around 2012-08 and expiring around 2019-03) is included in these packs, though if still present, it is certainly dead and probably even leaked. It can be advised to open sealed packs in order to remove the battery.

Wallpapers and Screen Lock Backgrounds

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