Me-tan Plush

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"Me-tan Plush
A Me-tan Plush.

The Me-tan Plush is an OS-tan merchandise produced by the Pink Company. It was released on April 30 2005 at the price of 2500 yens[1].

It has an height of 18 cm (excluding the cowlick, which measures about 11 cm if straightened) and weights about 180-185 g. The plush can stand on its own, but also falls very easily.

There is a string that can be pulled to make Me-tan vibrate for a few seconds.

The tags show the Pink Company logo, and also read "Made in China" and "Patent No 2063974".

The number of plushes produced is not known, but it seems much lower than the Me-tan or XP-tan 1/8 figures since they appear much less often in markets.


External Links

  • Surugaya Product Page: the plush can be purchased here if someone ever sells it to Surugaya via their buy back (Kaitori Detail) page. Note that their buy back prices are generally very low considering any item and Surugaya will resell at much higher prices!

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