XP-tan Figure (Yūyu)

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"XP-tan Yūyu Figure
A XP-tan Yūyu Figure.

The Yūyu company produced a XP-tan Figure as one of their OS-tan merchandise. It is a 1/8 scale figure that was first released on May 5 2006 during the World Hobby Festival Ariake 14 as a garage kit[1], and then as a prepainted PVC figure on September 2006 at the price of 5800 yens[2]. This page focuses on the latter and much more common version.

Unlike the Me-tan counterpart figure, this one is shipped with a proper stand so no particular precaution has to be taken in order to expose it. The skirt can be removed, but not the rice cooker.

The figure has a height of 20 cm (excluding the cowlick, which adds about 1 cm) and weights about 220 g. The box with figure weights about 460 g.

Yashiro Kaname (Japanese: 八社 要) designed this figure.


Prepainted Figure

Prepainted Figure Box

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  • Surugaya Product Page for the prepainted figure: it can be purchased here if someone ever sells it to Surugaya via their buy back (Kaitori Detail) page. Note that their buy back prices are generally very low considering any item and Surugaya will resell at much higher prices!

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