Eien Sora

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General Information
Full NameEien Sora
Universe/OriginWNR Universe
Debut2023-3-4 (character) 2037-7 (OS)
PersonifiesWindows Infinity
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGrayish-Dark Blue

Eien Sora (Japanese: 永遠空, Sora Eien) is the male personification for Windows Infinity. He is a character for WNR Universe.


"Hi! My name is Eien Sora, and i'm happy to see you!"

  • Full Name: Sora Eien
  • Birthday: July 5, 2012
  • Age: 25;
  • Personality: A bubbly, social boy that has the main character energy;
  • Hobbies: almost everything, but primarily watching the stars;
  • Job: A employee at a Akihabara store;
  • Story: He had the best childhood of the WNR Universe characters.


Eien is a confident and popular guy with many friends. He is a empathic and helpful person.


He has brown hair and grayish-dark blue eyes. He wears a blue t-shirt, a belt with a blue-colored futuristic orb with a Infinity symbol on the center, black pants, black sneakers, and short purple socks.

Family and Relationships

Windows 2030-chan

Sanko acts like a older sister to him, despite being only cousins. When he was a young child, Sanko used to take care of him.

Windows Infinity-chan

Being the older and smarter twin of Yoru, Eien guides Yoru though the challenges she faces. In return, Yoru buys gifts for Eien.

History and Future

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  • His name, Eien, means eternity and his surname, Sora means sky. When combined, it is a reference to his non-existent (for now) song called Eternal Sky.