Windows 7 DSP Preorder Limited Premium Set

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The Windows 7 Preorder Limited Premium Set (Japanese: パーツバンドル予約限定プレミアムセット) was a special bundle by Windows 7 Mania that came with 7,777 preordered copies of Windows 7 Ultimate in Japan. It included a Theme Pack CD-ROM featuring Nanami Madobe, and the owner could participate in a lottery to win peripherals.

The CD contains three 2134x1200 wallpapers of Nanami and 24 short audio files of Nanami voiced by Nana Mizuki. A .themepack file is also included in order to set up the backgrounds and system sounds.

It was the first appearance of Nanami in a campaign.


The disc is labeled Windows 7 Ultimate DIY予約限定プレミアムセット特典 (Windows 7 Ultimate DIY Preorder Limited Premium Set Bonus).


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