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Pee-tan is a satire character created in December 27 2023 while a user was creating a shitpost in Scratch. Her real name is Pipi Madora.

General Information
Full NamePipi
AliasPee-chan, Pipi
Universe/OriginPee Tan World
Inspired byMe-Tan
PersonifiesWindows Pee
Hair ColorYellow
Eye ColorYellow


Pee-Tan has yellow hair and yellow braids. She has a blue maid uniform. Her ornament is normally a yellow warning sign but if she speaks in reverse her ornament will turn into the flag into what her accent sounds like (eg: If Pee-tan sounds german, her ornament will be the flag of Germany). She has yellow shoes. Her height varies, and her weight varies too. She is 7 years old.


Like Me-tan, she is clumsy but she causes WAYYY too much trouble, leading to other Memecrosoft tans LOATHING Pee tan.



ToeKay is Pipi's mother. She cares about her child and will love her unconditionally, but ToeKay has to go to war against the FatOS-tans. Even if they get into fights and get mad at eachother, ToeKay will never hate Pipi, even if she has a horrible flaw that makes her cause trouble, but they were never seen interacting on screen.

Malek Lafver

Milk Lover (Malek Lafver) is Pipi's father. He sadly died in a car crash.


XPee-Tan has a huge hatred for Pipi and they went into many fights, but ToeKay used to break up the fights.


Sabon is Pee-Tan's grumpy and bored baby-sitter, hired by ToeKay to take care and keep an eye on Pee-Tan while ToeKay is fighting the FatOS-tans, they dislike eachother, but Sabon is determined to take care, and possibly get rid of Pee-Tan's troublesome personality.


  • Instead of a green onion she will hold a plate of chicken nuggets. This is a reference to the "Do You Want Free Chicken Nuggets?" meme.
  • In her first Scratch Project Pee-tan cries yellow liquid.
  • She has a varying voice. Sometimes, she will speak in a robotic voice, in reverse, in a high pitched tone or low pitched tone, but if she speaks in reverse, her ornament changes.
  • Her first project was a remix of "ME-tan makes windows server 2003 evil edition/Grounded by Saba-tan." and it leaded to Pee-Tan's creation.
  • Her baby sitter is Sabon-Tan, a Russian fish who takes care of Pee-Tan until ToeKay (Pee-tan's mother) mother comes back from war against the FatOS-tans.
  • She has ADHD, causing her to be impulsive and hyperactive, even speaking at a very fast rate


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