Nix Bellevue

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General Information
Full NameNix Bellevue
Debut2023-04-08 (site)
Hair ColorPurple , Earth Yellow
Eye ColorMauveine

Nix Bellevue is the personification of Xenix, Unix distribution first announced by Microsoft on August 25, 1980. This operating system was the predecessor to MS-DOS and eventually Windows despite its obscure history.


A cool-headed yet rebellious programmer and mail carrier from Logiciel. She finds routines tedious despite its comfort, and prefers using her cleverness and street-smarts to tinker with codes and construct mechanical installations.

However, she began to take interest in idol singers and admired their dynamic performances, and aimed to become one as well...


  • Nix's color palette references Xenix's software box[1], user interface, and floppy disk sleeves[2]. Additionally, her predominantly blue and purple cosmic theme is based on a Unix World issue from 1985 [3].
  • Xenix was a popular Unix distribution in the 1980s, which also include uses in SDF Public Access Unix System[4], which name references SDF Macross.
    • One of SDF Macross' famous characters is Lynn Minmay, one of the first anime idols, which reflects Nix's interest in idols and becoming one.
  • Nix's job as a mail carrier in Logiciel was based on how Xenix was used in Microsoft's mail servers [5] until migrating to Exchange Server.
  • Nix's rebellious side is based on Xenix's features, which deviated from the Unix philosophy of modularity.
    • Xenix is also considered a separate Unix distribution, neither belonging to System V or BSD branch.[6]

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