Home Server-tan

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General Information
Full NameKohome Madobe
PersonifiesWindows Home Server
Hair ColorTurquoise
Eye ColorTeal

Home Server-tan (Japanese: Home Serverたん, Home Server-tan), also known as Kohome is an OS-tan that personifies Windows Home Server.


Kohome is depicted as a mermaid. She has turquoise twintails, cyan eyes and a little top hat. She wears a red jacket with short sleeves and a black T-shirt. She has a dark cyan tail with cyan wings.


Kohome is a mermaid who has a passion for swimming in the sea. She is secluded, reserved and quiet, but can also be annoying towards others. Kohome has the ability to temporarily transform into a mermaid. When she was born, she had a disease that could lead to her death, but was eventually cured, similar to Windows Home Server having a file corruption in its RTM release.