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|type = [[Special:ListUsers| Member]]
|Birthday=August 17
|fullname = VistaIroha
|Designer=God, and her parents
|birthday = August 17
|Debut=2022 (Online)
|designer = God, and her parents
|Hair Color=Black, when exposed to light it is dark brown
|debut = 2022 (Online)
|Eye color=Dark brown
|height = Tall for her age
|Height=Tall for her age
|haircolor = Black, when exposed to light it is dark brown
|eyecolor = Dark brown

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(speaks in third person for some reason, just ignore)

VistaIroha (Japanese: ビスタ色歯) is a member of the wiki.


How did she got here?

Iroha got here in around May 2022, by discovering the OS-tans. She was deeply interested in OS-tans, because they are personifications of Microsoft Windows, her favorite operating system. She deeply studied the os tans and discovered many os-tans, leading her to be a member in this server.

Now, she collects artworks of OS-tans, and even makes artworks of them, because she can't afford OS-tan Merch.

Windows Never Released

Besides liking OS-tans, she also liked fictional versions of Windows, and other operating systems. Her interest in fictional versions of Windows started in 2019, where she discovered WNR because of Windows Expert, and became a fan of him. Her interest in Microsoft Windows peaked at 2020, and declined at 2021. But, at February 2022, she discovered Windows Never Released again! She had a wave of nostalgia while viewing the Windows Never Released Versions. But this time, she liked fictional versions outside Windows, and she also liked Apple and Steve Jobs.

Now, she will use her knowledge from the Windows Never Released community, and the OS-tan community, to create something completely new...

It's the Windows Never Released Universe.