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Wandering Fish
General Information
Full NameSpacePuffer
AliasPuffer, The Silly Fish
BirthdayAugust 4
PersonifiesA golden puffer (Arothron meleagris)

Hello! I'm SpacePuffer, a wandering fish from the islands who discovered OS-tans, and now I have found a community to contribute to. My interests include art, technology, vtubers, memes and many more. My current project is UNIVER.SYS, though it's on semi-hiatus due to my own studies and real life duties.

First Encounter with the OS-tan Kind

I have known OS-tans since 2015 when I saw an animated short of Inori Aizawa. Aside of that I have seen a commercial featuring Nanami Madobe. From that day I was always been interested in the world of OS-tans and always wanted to contribute to it, even if I am late to the party for more than a decade. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to collaborate with fellow OS-tan fans here.

Story Behind UNIVER.SYS

UNIVER.SYS is my way of contributing to the OS-tan fandom by bringing my creative vision to life. This new universe is a combination of my interests: slice-of-life media, retro aesthetics, 1980s pop culture, and technology. Initially, UNIVER.SYS was my outlet to showcase my character designs, and was not intended to have a story about the characters.

Learning my lessons from the failures of my previous work, Silicon Medley, I learn about character writing and worldbuilding from my favorite media, thus I will try to develop a cohesive setting for the characters of this universe. I decided to make the scope smaller and more lighthearted because it's more comfortable for me to work on it that way. UNIVER.SYS will be something that is more true to my style and vision.

I always believed that there is no such thing as a "true canon universe" of OS-tans. OS-tan's lifeblood has always been communities, which results in many different interpretations and artworks. Having to follow a singular accepted narrative would kill that purpose since it would result in monopolization of content, narrowing down the characters to a specific portrayal, and that would be boring and limiting.

This is why I want to develop my own OS-tan inspired universe as my way to contribute to the fandom and express my personal way of creating art. I believe that interpretations are subjective, and my universe will be one of many. It might not be the first nor the largest out there, but it's still a universe born out of my own creativity.

Heading out...

Other than this site, you can find me and my artworks in: