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Kairi Cropped.png
General Information
Full NameKairi Sydney Tramell
AliasKairi, Syd
BirthdayJanuary 7
Debut2023-05-03 (site)
PersonifiesCommodore 64
Hair ColorCarmine
Eye ColorIndigo with light red highlights
Other Information
AffiliationColor Squad
OccupationIdol, musician, video gamer, sports enthusiast
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Kairi Tramell is the personification of the Commodore 64, he best-selling computer of all time, released in 1982 as the successor to both the VIC-20 and the PET. It was quickly adopted by the video gaming and software developer communities, which contributed to its immense popularity throughout the 1980s. The Commodore 64 boasted impressive hardware capabilities like high-resolution graphics and a powerful sound chip, which made it an attractive choice for both game developers and musicians. The extensive library of software available for the Commodore 64 also played a significant role in its success.


Kairi was designed by SpacePuffer and published in this site on July 2, 2023.


Kairi has many talents and an exuberant attitude, in addition to her love of entertainment. Always ready to take on any challengers, Kairi often gave somewhat brash, in-your-face impression on others. Kairi's interests include video games, music and sport activities, and she has an inventive, unconventional streak that allows her to create new ways and strategies to play.

Quick to think on her feet, she's not the type to overthink things. Kairi sees challenges as a way to have fun instead of taking it too seriously, she rather encourage others to do better instead of belittling them. Even in the idol scene as a musician and singer, she is a good sport both on and off stage.

Kairi's seemingly invulnerable personality is a product of the upbringing by her family. She finds it hard to be vulnerable, especially to those who admire or fear her for her talents and skills.

Family and relationships


Both Vicky and Kairi exude both skills and charisma as idols, though Kairi is often held in higher regard by the Warefarer Admins and fans due to her natural talents, while Vicky has to work harder to achieve what she has. While Kairi doesn't intend to overshadow her sister, she can see how frustrated Vicky feels when that topic is brought up, despite her composure.

Despite that, she and Vicky shares a quite powerful bond nonetheless, both as idols and Warefarer family. Kairi even admitted that she won't be a successful idol if isn't isnt because of her sister's resourcefulness and optimism.


Kairi might not be an inventor or engineer in a traditional sense, but she has learned a thing or two about mechanics from Patrick. Due to her knack for coming up with new strategies, Patrick often finds her ideas to be interesting, and is very much proud of his sister.

Kairi occassionally helps her brother in his teaching career during the 1980s, making her well-regarded in the world of education.


Amelia and Kairi mostly get along in friendly music and gaming competitions, the former used to look up to the latter, as Kairi is known as the "champion" of entertainment. Kairi later witnessed Amelia's debut and her display of skills, however as the more experienced one, she seldom warns her about not being too cocky or complacent, but Amelia tends to not listen at her because she was so sure to become a great entertainer.


In the idol scene, Kairi and Zach are considered to have a great rivalry, due to their dynamic personalities and amazing skills. Even if both can be competitive, Kairi is bold and confrontational, while Zach is eccentric and playful. After getting to know her "rival" as the Color Squad slowly gaining a sense of teamwork, she found a new respect in Zach's talents and his innovative image, while still getting in friendly competitions with him and the rest of the Color Squad.

There are times Kairi joked about Zach's peculiar tastes of food, or his clashing fashion sense.


Kairi considers him to be a nice and interesting guy, due to Connor's skill in homemaking and how he blends his backwater heritage and urban stylishness. Even if sometimes she is baffled about his preference of softer, more diplomatic solutions to problems, she finds Connor's reasoning to be valid in some cases.


Rika's innocence and cheerfulness initially made Kairi think that she is too childish and naive to be an idol, though she is astonished by her resilience and how she never saw her as intimidating for her talents and reputation. Kairi and Rika soon bond over their love of musical instruments in the Color Squad, making them the resident musicians.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Kairi Tramell
Japanese カイリ・トラメル (Kairi Torameru)


  • Kairi's name means "Nautical Mile" in Japanese.
  • Kairi's middle name Sydney is derived from the SID chip used in Commodore 64, which was instrumental in making C64 the best-selling computer in history, and was partially credited for initiating the demoscene.
    • Additionally, Kairi's ocean/wave motif and her icon is inspired by how the SID chip allows waveform generation.
  • Kairi's fashion sense and color scheme is partially inspired by Rainbow Brite.
  • Kairi and Patrick's relationship is based on the CBM-II, a follow-up of the original Commodore PET, which uses the same color and sound chip as the Commodore 64.
  • Kairi has the most vocal range in the Color Squad, allowing her to sing both in low and high notes.

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