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=== Possible future characters ===
=== Possible future characters ===

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Mona's Museum is a story created by Pttn in 2023. Mona, this site's mascot, comes from here.


With the goal of expanding her modest IT museum, Mona and her friend Marina explore the world in order to find ancient computing relics of historical significance. What they don't know yet is that some of these treasures are possessed by what we call... OS-tans?



Possible future characters

  • Linux-tan
  • Windows-tan
  • Mac-tan
  • Android-tan
  • Thunderbird/Icedove-tan
  • LibreOffice-tan or kun
  • Wikipedia-tan or kun
  • Bitcoin-kun

Title in other languages

Language Name Translation
Esperanto Monazeo Monaseum
French Le Musée de Mona The Mona's Museum


Permission to use my characters and works for non-commercial purposes is granted provided you mention me (Pttn) (or say what they personify if it is one of my projects), and make a fair use of them (don't use them in a way that could be misleading or harmful, as your own promotion material, etc.).

Otherwise please contact me.