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General Information
Full NameMarina
AliasStelo-tan, Stelnjo
Universe/OriginMona's Museum
Measurements162 cm, 52 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue

Marina is the mascot and personification of, the main project of the site owner, which besides supporting provides (for now just) Riecoin mining services.


She was designed by Pttn and first published on this Wiki page on February 2, 2023.


  • Age Range: 16-23, born March 2;
  • Measurements: 162 cm, 52 kg;
  • Personality: a reserved yet curious girl that always wants to discover new stuff. She is a Jack of All Trades that can do everything, yet excells nowhere;
  • Hobbies: basically everything;
  • Occupation: helping Mona to complete her museum.

She has a (yet unnamed) brother.

Names in other languages

Names in other languages
Language Name
Esperanto Marino
French Marine
Japanese マリノ : Marino


  • Her name is associated to the sea or oceans, while her brother will be associated to the earth; both are symbolized by the colors of the logo.

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