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21 November 2023

  • curprev 07:1407:14, 21 November 2023Sinclair-Speccy talk contribs 1,635 bytes +1,635 Created page with "{{Tabs |tab1= [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}|Software/Hardware]] |tab2= [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Character|Character]] |tab3= [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Relationships|Relationships]] |tab4= [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Abilities|Abilities]] |tab5= [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Artwork|Artwork]] }} {{Infobox Character |type = OS-kun |image = No image.png |fullname = Saburo McIntosh |universe = The Mainframe |designer = Sinclair-Speccy |personification = [..."