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Full NameKyūko Kyūmado
Universe/OriginWNR Universe
PersonifiesWindows 9
Hair colorBlue-green
Eye colorBlue-green

Kyūko Kyūmado (Japanese: 九窓九子, Kyūmado Kyūko) is the female personification for Windows 9. She is a character in WNR Universe, and the sister of Kyūro Kyūmado.


"Hi!! It's Kyūko Kyūmado, a support character for Windows 9, and the sister of Kyūro! Nice to meet you!

  • Age: 24;
  • Personality: A hyperactive, bubbly girl. Sometimes called a dojikko.
  • Hobbies: Building computers, cheerleading;
  • Job: A Akihabara store employee. Sometimes a cheerleader.