iPhone 3G-tan (Sinclair-Speccy)

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General Information
Full NameJasper Ive
Universe/OriginThe Mainframe
PersonifiesiPhone 3G and 3GS
Height127 cm (4 ft 2 in)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorPurple
Other Information
AffiliationRetrograde Conglomerate (Member), The Infinite Loop (Past Member)


The iPhone 3G is a smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc.; it is the second generation of the iPhone, successor to the original iPhone, and was introduced on June 9, 2008, at the WWDC 2008. The iPhone 3G is internally similar to its predecessor but includes several new hardware features such as GPS and 3G data.

The iPhone 3GS (originally styled iPhone 3G S) is a smartphone that was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is the third generation iPhone, the successor to the iPhone 3G. It was introduced on June 8, 2009. This iPhone had various improvements including performance, a 3-megapixel camera with higher resolution and video ability, voice control and much more.


Her attire consists of black boots, dark grey pants and a belt, a light grey long-sleeved shirt, a dark grey vest that is undone, and a purple tie along with a black cape. On the right side of her vest is a purple Apple logo to represent the original iPhone 2G and at the end of the vest are two home buttons. 3G-tan has purple eyes and black hip-length hair. iPhone 3G-tan can also be portrayed as humble excluding during the Smartphone Wars. While she was indeed a force to be reckoned with during the war, she retained her humility in other aspects of her life.

Beyond the battlefield of the Smartphone Wars, iPhone 3G-tan embraced a more introspective and reflective side. She found solace in moments of quiet contemplation, often taking time to appreciate the beauty of the world.

Most of her outfits typically consist of blacks and purples or blacks and light blue.

Family and relationships

iPhone 4/4s-tan

Despite being sisters, iPhone 3G/3GS-tan and iPhone 4/4s-tan initially had a strained relationship. The main point of conflict between them was the flaws found in the iPhone 4. The "antennagate" issue, which caused signal loss when the phone was held in a specific way, became a frequent subject of snarky comments from iPhone 3G/3GS-tan directed towards iPhone 4/4s-tan's "faulty antenna."

However, despite their differences, both iPhone 3G/3GS-tan and iPhone 4/4s-tan share common ground. They are formidable fighters, showcasing strength and capabilities that have made them respected warriors in the Handheld District. Together, they have fought side by side in the Smartphone Wars, and through their experiences, a grudging respect for each other's abilities has developed.

While their relationship may have started off on a rocky note, their shared experiences and recognition of each other's strengths have fostered a deeper understanding. Over time, their bond as sisters has grown, allowing them to appreciate each other's unique qualities and overcome the initial conflicts they faced.


Jasper has a gauntlet that grants her the ability to access the spotlight search powers of iPhone OS 3-tan and the App Store features of iPhone OS 2-tan. This unique combination allows her to quickly find information and access various applications to aid her in combat situations. Her gauntlet, made of high-strength aluminium, is not only durable but also houses a holographic keyboard and an iPhone slot for convenience. While she possesses formidable combat skills, she prefers to use her trusty pistol, relying on her agility and resourcefulness in battles.


Due to a screw-up when creating Jasper Ive, I used purple instead of blue because of how the original iPhone had the codename of "Purple", hence her eyes and some of her clothes being purple.