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Zach Cropped.png
General Information
Full NameZachary Sinclair
BirthdayApril 23
Debut2023-04-16 (site)
PersonifiesSinclair ZX Spectrum
Hair ColorPink Blond
Eye ColorMagenta
Other Information
AffiliationColor Squad, Syntroupe
OccupationIdol, stage magician, merchant, inventor
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Zachary Sinclair is the personification of ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit home computer that was developed by Sinclair Research. It was released in the United Kingdom on April 23, 1982, and became Britain's best-selling microcomputer. The ZX Spectrum enjoyed a very strong community early on, and spawned a number of magazines and notable game developers. One of its famous features was the attribute clash, a display artifact caused by limits in the graphics circuitry of some colour 8-bit home computers.


Zach was designed by SpacePuffer and debuted in the this site on April 16, 2023.


An intrepid merchant, inventor and performer from Synknights, an Ensemble from across the continent. Zach can be described as eccentric and curious, able to charm people with his wits and knowledge in computing and gaming. He also has a peculiar fashion sense, which includes clashing color combinations that tend to attract attention, much to his advantage, as he loves to show off.

Zach is mostly interested in video games and marketing; he is often found appearing in computer magazines and advertisements.

As much of an idiosyncratic geek Zach is, he has a chivalrous and cool-headed side, preferring to solve things in a rational, diplomatic way instead of brute aggression and violence. Additionally, Zach is very much dedicated to people he loves, including his fellow Synknights TANs and fanbase.


Zach and his twin sister, Zinnia, are TANs made in Synknights, with a mission to teach computing to the people of Albin. Since his early days, Zach exhibited a clever, confident yet eccentric personality, with a penchant for humor and fun. He was also interested in games and gadgets, and found magic shows to be fascinating. His personality didn't represent the "knight" aspect of Synknights, and Zach was often referred to as more of a jester or a clown by some people. That didn't stop him from pursuing his mission to bring out the magic of computing.

Zach had an idea for Synknights to host shows throughout Albin to promote their technology to the masses, which seemed outlandish at first. He then formed Syntroupe with Zinnia, and his younger sibling Quinley as their manager. The shows gained popularity thanks to Zach's charming tricks and gadgets, Zinnia's quick technical skills, and Quinley's management skills. Zach loved the attention the crowd gave him, but it also made him more arrogant and impulsive, much to his siblings' concern.

Initially, Zach didn't care much about those concerns, as he felt that it was his eccentricity and whimsy that brought Synknights to fame, and he felt that he was doing the right thing to do. But soon he was humbled, due to a stage accident that was caused by his own recklessness. Fortunately Zinnia was able to step in time to help resolve the situation, or else he was have to face dire consequences.

Since that, Zach found that caution and meticulousness is needed to realize his goals, instead on relying solely on his own charisma and expressiveness, since what he does as a performer and inventor isn't only for his own pleasure, but also impacts the lives of others around him. To truly introduce people to his own craft and to be adored by them, he must consider how his "magic" resonates to them.

Family and relationships


Despite their similar appearance, Zach's personality is the opposite of Zinnia's meticulousness. Zach admits that she is more befitting to the "knight" aspect Synknights held up, and sometimes struggles to fit into that principle.

Zinnia is one of the few people who got to know Zach's more contemplative side, as he sometimes confide to her after performances if what he does was good enough, or if the audience were truly satisfied.


Zach and Zinnia entrusts Quinley to manage Syntroupe, however the latter's impatience and forgetfulness can be detrimental at times, so Zach seldom got involved in their management attempts to keep things running smoothly. The moment where Quinley also became a subject of attention by several fans due to their business-oriented personality, Zach sometimes helped them handling those fans.


Zach met Rika during one of his shows, when she was just starting her career. She was still a rookie idol at that time, and was intended to compete with Syntroupe. However he found it difficult to take that competition seriously, as Rika's cheerful and innocent personality didn't give that hint of rivalry, while also commending her determination to succeed and make friends. Thanks to his invitation to Liberty, Rika was able to meet other idol TANs and joining the Color Squad.


When the Syntroupe arrived in Liberty, Zach noticed that his own fame and prowess were matched by that country's number one TAN idol from Warefarer, Kairi. His initial impressions of Kairi was that she is exuberant and optimistic, but also competitive. Zach tends to act in a more logical and diplomatic manner in their "rivalries", while Kairi is more confrontational. When the two have to get along in Color Squad, Zach got to know more about her and her struggles as being number one, and their rivalries slowly became more friendly in nature.


Connor, being from a part of Liberty that still has strong ties to simple, homely traditions, was excited to welcome Zach to his country and introduce him to his hometown's culture. Hijinks ensue in their trips as Zach's eccentric curiosity and Connor's own homely demeanor tend to clash with both themselves and others, causing funny results.


In his early days with Color Squad, he wasn't daring enough to mess with Kairi's sister, Vicky, since her fiery anger behind her friendly personality can be frightening to him. However, he soon builds up courage to joke around more and be lighthearted, and to his surprise, Vicky doesn't seem to mind much, and prefers him and Kairi to get along instead of trying to one-up each other.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Zachary Sinclair
Japanese ザカリー・シンクレア(Zakarii Shinkurea)


  • Zach's outfit may look fancy and over the top, but in reality it's not that expensive, as it's from a thrift shop, and he just added his own decorations. In fact, the ZX Spectrum was quite inexpensive, only about £125.
    • Zach's rainbow motifs are inspired by the ZX Spectrum's rainbow logo and the attribute clashing in its graphics. He is infamous for his poor sense of color coordination.
  • Zach's merchant and inventor side is inspired by the amount of ZX Spectrum peripherals and print magazines made.
    • One of Zach's inventions is a gluttonous robot, which references Hungry Horace, a game for the ZX Spectrum published by Sinclair Research.
    • Zach has his own sword replica he made which he can use to make himself look more knight-like, based on Knight Lore.
    • Zach is a fan of tabletop RPG games, and collects dices. Sometimes he hosts game nights with both the Synknights and the Color Squad.
  • Zach and Zinnia are twin siblings, referencing ZX Spectrum's development codename as ZX81 Colour. However they celebrated their debut days as their birthdays, while their true birth dates are unknown.

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