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General Information
Full NameZachary Sinclair
BirthdayApril 23
Debut2023-04-16 (site)
PersonifiesSinclair ZX Spectrum
Hair ColorPink Blond
Eye ColorMagenta
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Zachary Sinclair is the personification of ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit home computer that was developed by Sinclair Research. It was released in the United Kingdom on April 23, 1982, and became Britain's best-selling microcomputer. The ZX Spectrum enjoyed a very strong community early on, and spawned a number of magazines and notable game developers. One of its famous features was the attribute clash, a display artifact caused by limits in the graphics circuitry of some colour 8-bit home computers.


Zach was designed by SpacePuffer and debuted in the this site on April 16, 2023.


An intrepid merchant and performer, Zach can be described as eccentric and curious, able to charm people with his wits and knowledge in computing and gaming. He also has a peculiar fashion sense, which includes clashing color combinations that tend to attract attention, much to his advantage, as he loves to show off. Zach is mostly interested in video games and marketing; he is often found appearing in computer magazines and advertisements.

As much of an idiosyncratic geek Zach is, he has a chivalrous and cool-headed side, preferring to solve things in a rational, diplomatic way instead of brute aggression and violence. Additionally, Zach is very much dedicated to people he loves, including his family and fanbase and does his best to make them entertained.

Family and relationships


Being the younger Sinclair sibling, Zach saw Nia as a role model for her resourcefulness and grace. However, he has come to realize that he is better at being silly than serious. Sometimes, Nia reprimands him for his zany behavior, causing Zach to worry that he is not making her proud.


Although Rika was supposed to be Zach's rival, her naivety and childishness prevented him from taking her seriously. Instead, he preferred to joke around with her. On the other hand, Rika finds Zach to be hilarious, and sometimes follows along in his misadventures.


Initially, Zach was unfazed by Kairi's high energy and competitiveness. However, he soon learned not to underestimate her, as her sheer power and talent tend to leave people in awe. As time went on, Zach developed a friendly rivalry with Kairi, despite her perplexed first impression of him as an eccentric entertainer. Although Kairi ended respecting her "opponent", she still won't go easy on him.


Zach's offbeat demeanor and Connor's congenial personality don't seem like a good match at first. However, the two managed to form a comically-charged friendship. Connor is eager to introduce Zach to his community's culture, but due to Zach's unapologetic curiosity and Connor's own tacky sense of humor, hijinks ensue as the boys travel around.


As Kairi's elder sister, Vicky acts as a mediator between Zach and Kairi's competitive tendencies, and cleans up after their mess. Zach became somewhat afraid of her intimidating temper because of that. Despite her distaste for Zach's antics, Vicky admits that he is a talented performer deep down.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Zachary Sinclair
Japanese ザカリー・シンクレア(Zakarii Shinkurea)


  • Zach's outfit may look fancy and over the top, but in reality it's not that expensive, as it's from a thrift shop, and he just added his own decorations. This also applies to his sister's outfit.
  • Canonically, Zach can use a longsword. This is a reference to Knight Lore, an isometric action-adventure game released for the ZX Spectrum.
  • Like Nia, Zach still believes in magic.

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