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General Information
Full NameZinnia Sinclair
AliasZinnia, Nia (by her siblings)
BirthdayMarch 5
Debut2023-04-15 (site)
PersonifiesSinclair ZX81
Hair ColorPink Blonde
Eye ColorMagenta
Other Information
OccupationStage magician, educator

Zinnia Sinclair is the TAN embodying the Sinclair ZX81, an inexpensive computer produced by Sinclair Research known for its ability to provide users with a computing experience despite its limitations. It marked the point when computing in Britain became an activity for the general public rather than the preserve of businessmen and electronics hobbyists.

The ZX81 produced a huge community of enthusiasts, some of whom founded their own businesses producing software and hardware for the computer. Many went on to have roles in the British computer industry.


Zinnia was designed by SpacePuffer and debuted in the this site on April 15, 2023.


Zinnia is a steadfast and proper stage magician and educator from Synknights. She is well-known for her performances with her two siblings, Zach and Quinley, throughout her homeland of Albin. This has gained her quite the fanbase, who admire her for her steadfastness and precision. Aside from her proper nature, Zinnia can be forgetful at times, so she often carries a personal journal with her.

Even with the attention she receives, Zinnia prefers to keep a low profile and not let fame get to her head. Her mission extends beyond being a performer; she aims to educate the people of Albin about computing. As an educator, Zinnia holds herself to high standards, which can sometimes put pressure on her human audiences. This is due to her nature as a TAN, and her occasional forgetfulness, thus her audience often reminds her to adjust to their pace of learning.


  • Zinnia's simplistic fashion choice compared to her peers references ZX81's inexpensive price.
  • Zinnia's ability in escape and dodging tricks is based on ZX81 games, which often implemented dodging, navigating and escaping mechanics, such as 3D Monster Maze and Galaxians.
  • Zinnia's earnest and straightforward personality references ZX81's limitations in graphics and processing power despite its popularity in British education and hobbyist markets.
    • Her occassional forgetfulness is derived from ZX81's only having 1 KB of standard RAM, though it can be expandable up to 64 KB.
  • Zinnia's name is derived from a kind of flower, usually shown having shades of red, pink, and orange.