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Zinnia Cropped.png
General Information
Full NameZinnia Sinclair
BirthdayMarch 5
Debut2023-04-15 (site)
PersonifiesSinclair ZX81
Hair ColorPink Blonde
Eye ColorMagenta
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Zinnia Sinclair is the personification of ZX81, an inexpensive computer produced by Sinclair Research known for its ability to provide users with a computing experience despite its limitations. It marked the point when computing in Britain became an activity for the general public rather than the preserve of businessmen and electronics hobbyists. It produced a huge community of enthusiasts, some of whom founded their own businesses producing software and hardware for the ZX81. Many went on to have roles in the British computer industry.


Nia was designed by SpacePuffer and debuted in the this site on April 15, 2023.


A skilled and somewhat perfectionistic performer, Nia values simplicity and directness. She is often perceived as prim and proper, and dislikes beating around the bush. Her brother Zach, on the other hand, is someone who enjoys showboating and grandiose displays, which she disapproves of. As a result, Nia often scolds Zach for his irresponsible behavior.

Nia believes that quiet, persistent action speaks louder than ostentatious words. She is aware of her own perceived limitations, such as her inability to be as uninhibited and carefree like her fellow OS-tans. In spite of these limitations, she has a knack for teaching things. Her clear and straightforward way of explaining things often leaves people impressed.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Zinnia Sinclair
Japanese ジニア・シンクレア(Jinia Shinkurea)


  • Nia often brings a journal with her to record her daily routine. The reason seems to be her tendency to forget new routines until she has done it multiple times.
    • When she's bored, she doodles zigzag patterns on the paper. She also does it when dealing with stress. In reality, the ZX81 has a quirk, during loading or saving, moving zigzag stripes will appear across the screen.
  • Even in a modernized world, Nia still believes in the existence of magic.

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