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General Information
Full NameNix Bellevue
BirthdayAugust 25
Debut2023-04-08 (site)
PersonifiesMicrosoft Xenix
Hair ColorRebecca Purple
Eye ColorNeon Purple
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Nix Bellevue is the personification of Microsoft Xenix, a powerful Unix distribution first announced by Microsoft on August 25, 1980. This operating system was the predecessor to MS-DOS and eventually Windows, and it was also one of the earliest operating systems to which the first versions of Microsoft Word and Multiplan were ported. Despite its status as a popular Unix variant in the 1980s, it is rarely discussed in the context of Microsoft's history.


Nix was designed by SpacePuffer and debuted on the web in September 24, 2022, however she debuted on this site on April 8, 2023.


Nix is pragmatic and nonchalant, she prefers to live in the moment than thinking too much about the future. She finds routines tedious and prefers using her cleverness and street-smarts to construct intricate contraptions or play practical jokes on people. Her rebelliousness sometimes puts her at odds with other Logiciel OS-tans, but some of them admired her cool-headedness, and her efficiency at solving problems.

Nix spends her free time dancing and playing music on her guitar, and is especially interested in pop idols and their shows. She has been practicing as an idol in secret, but has since met new friends who share her passion. This has given her a sense of purpose and direction that she never thought possible before.


Mike took Nix into the Logiciel family shortly after her creation. Her memories of what happened before or where she had lived were vague, but she remembered that the people there considered her to be "completely hopeless".

Despite this, Nix possessed a talent for mechanics. She could dismantle and reassemble things in order to understand how they worked. The Logiciel Admins recognized her potential and raised her to be an independent, quick-thinking problem solver who could use the right tools for any situation. Nix worked as the resident mechanic and mail carrier in Logiciel and other places, earning a reputation as a skilled and cool-headed mechanic. However, doing the same routine for too long made her distant and bored.

To deal with the boredom, Nix resorted to practical jokes and miscellaneous hobbies, such as music and dancing, which allowed her to tap into her more expressive and emotional side. This hobby is what also prompted her encounter with Lisa, an OS-tan from Prismage, who shares similar interests, and later formed a friendship with her. Later, they were joined by the local idol Estelle, whose shows they had been watching. Thus, the team "Whizzy Wigs" was formed, with Nix coming up with the name.

Nix's monotonous life began to change after discovering her passion for music and her life as an idol. She encountered other OS-tans and experienced things she had never experienced before, exploring her own feelings and those of others. She would discover that she was not hopeless and that she was capable to achieve more.

Family and relationships

Edward and Axel

Nix thinks of Ed and Axel like two annoying younger brothers, they often pester her to do office work with them. She toys with them through pranks when she's bored. Surprisingly, she can be rather protective of them like an older sister due to their small stature and age. When Ed found out about Nix's hobbies and the Whizzy Wigs, he tried to tell everyone else in Logiciel about it, much to Nix's embarassment.

Outside of office stuff, Nix and Ed will try to do some crazy antics inside Logiciel and outside, using Nix's tools and skills, and Ed's army of pet mice. Axel mostly tries to stop them, only to be dragged along by the two. This results in their Admin's frustration, mostly.


Nix's earliest memory is of Mike taking her to the Logiciel building. The two share a logical inclination and get along well in most things, but Mike is more of a thinker while Nix is the doer. Nix sometimes finds Mike's ideas unrealistic, and vice versa, with Mike finding her lackadaisical about his visions. When he found out Nix's idol dreams and the existence of Whizzy Wigs, he was rather relieved that she finally had something to strive for, but also perplexed, since her passion deviated her original purpose as an OS-tan.


Amy is like a foil to Nix, being more diligent and approachable. She encourages her often to be more open to other Logiciel OS-tans, and introduced her to anime and video games. On the other hand, Nix helped Amy to work on her stubbornness and overworking tendencies. Amy was the first to find out about Nix's idol career, and despite her initial shock, remains supportive of her.


Nix met Lisa when she was visiting a local convention in Selenite Valley, which hosts Estelle's performances. The two hit it off despite their different line of thinking, with Lisa being the creative idealist of the two. They are both interested in idols and music, and decided to form the Whizzy Wigs group after their impromptu performance at the convention and subsequent shows, soon joined by Estelle herself. Lisa was Nix's first close friend outside of Logiciel, and she admitted that it made her feel less of a misfit.

Simonyi (Admin)

Nix considered Logiciel Admins to be simply acquaintances, but if she had to pick the closest Admin to her, it might be Simonyi. This courageous and stately Admin took her and his OS-tan creations, Ed and Axel, under his wing, much to her initial reluctance, but soon they found some common interests, which include outer space and love for mechanics.

Sometimes Nix finds Simonyi too serious when it comes to her ambitions. Once, when he discovered that Nix was focusing more on songwriting, he created a detailed schedule and list of materials for her to learn, and expected her to adhere to it. Not only to Nix, he does that to Ed and Axel as well, and she tried to figure out why.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Nix Bellevue
Japanese ニックス・ベルビュー (Nikkusu Berubyuu)


  • Nix's friendship with Lisa is based on how Xenix was also ported to Apple Lisa.
  • Nix's sibling-like relationship to Ed and Axel is based on how early versions of Microsoft Word and Multiplan (later Excel) were ported to Xenix, among other OSes as well.
  • Even though Nix's group is called Whizzy Wigs, Xenix was the only OS that haven't utilized a proper GUI (hence WYSIWYGs) until 1989. Originally the group was going to be called "Nix and the Whizzy Wigs" however it was shortened to just Whizzy Wigs.

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