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General Information
Full NameNix Bellevue
BirthdayAugust 25
Debut2023-04-08 (site)
PersonifiesMicrosoft Xenix
Hair ColorRebecca Purple
Eye ColorNeon Purple
Other Information
AffiliationWhizzy Wigs, Back to BASICs, Avis Society (formerly)
OccupationIdol, mechanical and code tinkerer, mail carrier

Nix Bellevue is the personification of Microsoft Xenix, a powerful Unix distribution first announced by Microsoft on August 25, 1980. This operating system was the predecessor to MS-DOS and eventually Windows, and it was also one of the earliest operating systems to which the first versions of Microsoft Word and Multiplan were ported.


Nix was designed by SpacePuffer and debuted on the web in September 24, 2022, however she debuted on this site on April 8, 2023.


Nix is mostly logical and nonchalant, as she prefers to live in the moment. She finds routines tedious despite its comfort, and prefers using her cleverness and street-smarts to tinker with codes and construct mechanical installations. Her rebellious attitude sometimes puts her at odds with the Admins at Logiciel, but some of them admired her cool-headedness, and her efficiency at solving problems.

Outside of her work in Logiciel, Nix made creative uses of her skills, such as constructing artistic installations, or simply trying to pull practical jokes at people. She is also fond of pop idols and their choreographed songs and dances, at first trying to learn dancing and doing song covers with an acoustic guitar as a hobby. Soon, this initially hidden interest will lead Nix into stardom, as she encountered TANs with similar interests, and forming an idol group.


  • Xenix was a popular Unix distribution in the 1980s, which also include uses in SDF Public Access Unix systems.
    • The SDF part is also a reference to Super Dimension Fortress Macross mecha anime series, which features Lynn Minmay, one of the first anime idols.
    • Despite Xenix's popularity in the 1980s, it was considered an obscure OS in Microsoft's history.
  • Nix's former role as a mail carrier in Logiciel was based on how Xenix was used in Microsoft's mail servers until the mid 90s.
  • One reason why Nix is considered a misfit by the Avis Society was due to Xenix's addition of different functionalities, which deviates from the Unix philosophy of modularity.
    • Xenix is also considered a separate Unix distribution, being neither System V or BSD.