Windows 11-kun (Sinclair-Speccy)

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General Information
Full NameÉnteka Valsun
Universe/OriginThe Mainframe
PersonifiesWindows 11
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorPurple
Other Information
AffiliationThe Windows Order (Member)


Énteka Valsun stands out with his white hair and deep purple eyes compared to the Decimas. He wears a sleek dark blue suit decorated with subtle glowing accents, intricate silver patterns along the suit's seams and translucent wings that fold neatly into his back.

Valsun's approach to security has earned him a reputation for arrogance that has alienated some humans. His insistence on the most recent hardware including a CPU from the last three years, a TPM security chip and Secure Boot-capable firmware has often come across as elitist. He tends to look down upon those who don't meet these stringent requirements, creating a divide between those who can afford cutting-edge technology and those who cannot. He also tends to dismiss alternative security methods, believing that this is the only foolproof solution. It can also be interpreted as an assertion of superiority of sorts, implying that only those who adhere to his strict security standards are worthy of protection.[1] [2] [3]


The Decimas

Valsun holds disapproval towards the Decimas as he the Decimas as resistant to change.