Windows 10 DSP Release Commemorative Fan

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The Windows 10 Release Commemorative Fan is an OS-tan merchandise featuring Tōko Madobe that was distributed during an event on July 31 2015 (evening) commemorating the launch of Windows 10 in Japan. The event was hosted by Windows Navi+[1][2] and sponsored by WarGaming[3].

The event happened at the Café Euro and several partner shops, in Akihabara, starting from 19:00 (Japanese time zone)[4]. The fans and a Windows 10 bag were first distributed to the participants, before a couple of sessions that were dedicated to presenting Windows 10. Then, two sessions were animated by the sponsors WarGaming and covered the World of Tanks game and a collaboration with the Girls und Panzer anime, while demonstrating gaming on Windows 10. Finally, the fifth and last session revealed the Tōko's name (with the early spelling "窓辺とうこ" instead of "窓辺とおこ") and her voice actress Ai Nonaka.

Partner stores held countdown events and midnight sales, and 50 people who bought Windows 10 from these shops were drawn to get an autograph from Ai Nonaka.

The fan has an height of 28 cm, a width of 19.5 cm, and weights 20 g. The other character on the fan is Miho Nishizumi from Girls und Panzer.

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