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This page provides community contributed guides on how to make an OS-tan Universe and explain terms and such. An Universe is not required to be part of the OS-tan community, but it is nice to have one.

While every member may edit these pages, writing guides should be done only by those who already have some valuable experience in making such OS-tan work that they can share.

Definition of an OS-tan Universe

On, an OS-tan Universe is a collection of ideas from which at least one OS-tan (in the broadest sense) is characterized.

The definition is voluntarily left vague and broad to avoid unnecessary constraints, but one will usually expect to find content such as at least several actual OS personifications, a setting and backstory, some visual artwork,... There may or may not have a well defined plot, etc. None of all this is strictly required.

List of Guides

Users can use these guides if they do not know where to start with making their own Universe, and those who already advanced on their work may look there as well and maybe find interesting new or alternate ideas from fellow creators.