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While is a site about OS-tans, we are actually pretty open to other characters. Of course, it does not mean that everyone can freely create an article about their Original Characters or any off-topic subject, and this page provides some guidelines to decide whether an article can have its place on the Wiki.

To be admissible, the article should at least be (about) one of the following:

  • An OS-tan;
  • A notable character in an OS-tan universe;
  • If you made an OS-tan original universe/fanon, a character in your universe that is developed enough and not too minor (otherwise, try to integrate such character in a list or another article for your universe);
  • A page to organize or develop your original universe (lists, lores, etc.). Such pages should be subpages of the main page about your original universe (examples: The Mainframe/List of names for characters, Very troubl'd winbows, macks & lintux/LORE, Windows Never Released Universe/Lore);
    • Pages that are about a specific thing like a character, place or event should not be subpages.
  • A moe personification/mascot of a notable technology project, or company;
  • A moe personification/mascot of a notable software or hardware;
  • A moe personification/mascot of your own, public, technology project or software;
  • A notable event involving OS-tans;
  • A merchandise or media that involves OS-tans or a notable character strongly associated to a notable OS-tan;
  • An informative page about a thing a character which has an article here personifies, if said thing is notable, or if there are more than one character personifying said thing on the Wiki;
  • A pertinent category or page to improve the site navigation, though unless what you mean to do is obvious, you should leave that to admins.

If none of these criteria is satisfied, your article will likely not fit this Wiki and be deleted. If you believe that your article in this situation should be admissible, you can still open a discussion on the Forum.

"Notable" means that it is not just the project of a friend or your school that basically nobody else use. It should be something that is easily Googlable without having to enter your friend's name or so. That said, your friend could still join the site and create the article, and we encourage that as the more, the merrier!