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The Byte Shop was the first retailer of the original Apple I computer. [1]

Unfinished history and background stuff

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Apple I

History and background

1970s - 1980s

Apple I-tan was a prankster in her youth and before she had any children. Altair 8800-tan, whom she met in 1976 at the Club of Homebrew Computers and was one of her earliest friends.

As a nod to the Byte Shop being the first place to sell Apple Is, she sort of worked there. Although briefly working at the Byte Shop, she was also a math teacher.[2]

Apple I-tan was also part of the Club of Homebrew Computers, a club where microcomputers would meet up and show each other's abilities.

Her first child was her direct successor, Apple II-tan, born in June 1977, and her second child was Apple III-kun, born in November 1980. Lisa-tan can be considered the Apple Family's stepdaughter.

It is claimed that her health began to deteriorate following the 1978 Apple I trade-ins (although this was debunked by ZX Spectrum-tan years later after she was found living on a deserted island).