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Full NameSinclair-Speccy
AliasSpeccy, resident computer nerd
Universe/OriginSomewhere, Earth, Solar-System, ome of Milky Way's "arms", Milky Way galaxy, and on and on....
DesignerMy parents

Hi there! I am Sinclair-Speccy, the owner of the r/OStan subreddit and the person who had the desire for change. After being at two other OS-tan places I decided to take a step forward and continue what one server tried: To promote new ideas and not be restrained to a restrictive canon. The second server attempted these same goals but fell too early, yet I had the desire to follow the same steps when it was pointed out to me the flaws of the currently existing OS-tan canon at another place. My fanon is called The Mainframe

Hopefully whoever is reading this can help me achieve what the second place attempted and this time it will be successful and not fall into the ground so early.

As for myself, I am an OS-tan fan (why would I be here if I wasn't) and an avid retro tech fan. Online I am known as Sinclair-Speccy, a combination of the ZX Spectrum and the popular nickname for the ZX Spectrum. People also use Speccy, Sinclair and Alphonse online for me. My last name, country and other personal information aren't important to post here.

I have a penchant for vintage technology like mainframes (IBM 704, CDC 6500, Whirlwind I, etc) and microcomputers (Mark-8, MK14, etc). In terms of hardware and setup I own, my main computer is a Windows 10 Lenovo machine. Not the most powerful machine but it gets the job done.

I am on many places of the internet but here are a few if you want to friend me:

I also have a website which is here: