The Mainframe

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NameThe Mainframe
Activity2019 - Present
StatusWork in progress


The Mainframe is a fanon created by r/OStan user and member, Sinclair-Speccy. Originally created in 2019 as Appendix, it has gone through some reworks to wipe itself of any old ideas that at the time of creation were awful and bad. Sinclair's fanon aims to be free of glurge while including more male characters and redundant OSes/computers. The name change for the fanon occurred in 2021 as an attempt to start "fresh" all over again. In the beginning, The Mainframe mainly focused on making characters for iPhones and etc.

As of 2023, a part of The Mainframe has sort of become a story to revive old ideas. As for a simple explanation of the plot...:

When a seemingly regular school trip takes an unexpected turn, three high school students, James, Alex, and Rohan, are thrown into an extraordinary adventure. They are transported to The Mainframe, a fascinating realm, where they find a universe populated by OS-tans - living manifestations of operating systems, computers, and much more.

They set out on a journey to solve the secrets of The Mainframe and return home. They build unbreakable relationships, learn essential lessons about collaboration, and confront tough obstacles along the way. Will their technological skills be sufficient to live in this new environment and find the mysteries hidden beneath The Mainframe?


"The Cast" is the story of sorts involving three high school kids getting sent to The Mainframe so it has the 3 students along with some major characters.

"Notable/Decent" characters are some of the characters from The Mainframe that I think are somewhat notable or were decent characters I put together. Some of them don't have icons or pages as of yet, or their pages are lacking information.

Notable/Decent characters



When it comes to using my characters you're free to use them as long credit is given and you aren't using them for harmful stuff. If you're going to credit me, you can either link back to my forum profile or my Mastodon profile. That said, you are also free to take ideas or bits from my characters to remix them to add to your own characters, but proper credit should still be given such as saying "Inspired by Sinclair-Speccy".

As for NSFW content, most of my characters are adults unless stated otherwise on the wiki however if you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact me.


Reading this is important despite it being at the very bottom of the page for my fanon!

I lack decent art skills so some pages may use AI-generated "art" to fill in the missing pictures. These images are an idea of how a character could or might look. Since it is done by an AI, there are chances that it will lack important minor details a character may have. Using the AI "art" is fine if you are drawing them, but always refer to a character's description on their page!

There is more info explaining this on my wiki profile.