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I have some Mac pictures we could probably use for the other section, but I don’t have the tools to crop them --Sinclair-Speccy (talk) 00:09, 12 November 2022 (UTC)

You mean for the icons in the main page? I just made the two Macs. I am using Gimp on Linux to do these (free), you can try to make Icons with it too. For this, you should also use pictures that have an uniform background so you can select and erase it for the transparency. Pttn (talk) 01:25, 12 November 2022 (UTC)

Speaking of icons, I made the icon for the Futaba 1.0-tan (Oichi) for the Futaba section. here is the link: Cvbnm07 (talk) 05:46, 3 January 2023 (UTC)

I added the Futaba 1.0-tan to the main page as Cvbnm07 made her page but a better icon will need to be found as it doesn't like the current ones and is longer --Sinclair-Speccy (talk) 06:32, 3 January 2023 (UTC)
Just cropped it. The icons need to be squared for the Template. By the way, welcome here, Cvbnm07 :D ! Pttn (talk) 15:12, 3 January 2023 (UTC)

Please add Homeko to the main page! Vistairoha (talk) 11:03, 6 April 2023 (UTC)

Added Homeko to the main page. Wondering if we should add the others here too? (CE, NT, etc). You also have Mac OS 7.5 who is technically a Futaba character. What about the OSX-kuns and -tans as well? I would assume the OSX-kuns go under as futaba but what about the OSX cat girls? There’s also the OS-kuns :P --Sinclair-Speccy (talk) 20:59, 6 April 2023 (UTC)

Character Entries

I put here what was discussed on Discord for reference. So, the first two sections will now basically remain as is forever, with usually characters that have little debate about their notability or popularity. 1.0 is not very popular, but should still remain here as it would feel off to have 1.0 alone and 3.1 with the rest together. On the other hand, characters like Homeko and Homeo should not put here as there should not be multiple representatives of Windows XP.

The last section can serve to list them and more of the less popular or notable characters, that are not too obscure, and include more non-Windows characters, some Kuns..., up to something like 20 entries or so. Pttn (talk) 12:27, 7 April 2023 (UTC)

Notable Characters

I've been wondering why the "Notable Characters" section, mainly the futaba characters only use "1.0", 3.1" and all as their page names. Would it make more sense to have these pages renamed to "Windows 1.0-tan" and "Windows 3.1-tan" as they are Windows OSes? Not sure about Macs, however. --Sinclair-Speccy (talk) 07:29, 30 July 2023 (UTC)

I think that the shortened names are appropriate. In the Me and XP cases, the original authors even refer to them as simply Me-tan and XP-tan in their Copyright text, showing that they are meant to be named without the "Windows". For the others, even if we might not have such formal license, we can drop the "Windows" as well for consistency, unless we found a source from the creators that formally refers to the characters as "Windows 1.0-tan" or "Windows 3.1-tan" for example. The Pixiv Wiki also uses shortened names. Pttn (talk) 16:11, 30 July 2023 (UTC)