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General Information
Full NameStella
Universe/OriginMona's Museum
Inspired byHelvetia
DeveloperPttn, Open Source
Measurements161 cm, 54 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGreen

Stella is the personification of Riecoin, a cryptocurrency endorsed by

What does she personify?

Riecoin is a decentralized and open source peer-to-peer digital currency, released in 2014. It is a fork of Bitcoin with an useful Proof of Work that aims to provide computational power to science as well as incentives to contribute to research, in addition to a borderless and widely accepted world currency.

There actually exist tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin being the first and most famous one. Unfortunately, basically all of these exist solely to enrich their creators and early adopters as it is easy to copy the Bitcoin code or generate ERC20/BEP20 tokens, make minor tweaks and market it to uneducated people, while also drawing attention away from truly interesting projects like Riecoin that do provide concrete solutions to concrete problems.

The absence of interest in the project, its abandonment by the original developer, what cryptocurrencies became in general, and several other events in the Riecoin's history are reflected in the Stella's lonely life and distant personality. You can try to make her smile by making meaningful contributions to the project!


She was designed by Pttn and first published on this Wiki page on January 11 2023.


A long forgotten girl living alone in some faraway mountains.

  • Age: unknown, born February 11;
  • Blood Type: O-;
  • Measurements: 161 cm, 54 kg;
  • Personality: not much is known about her. It seems that the contact with her is difficult.
  • Hobbies: unknown;
  • Occupation: unknown.

To be developed in a possible future work...

Names in other languages

Language Name
Esperanto Stelino
French Stella
Japanese ステリノ : Stelino


  • Her design is inspired from Helvetia, the personification of Switzerland, and in particular her depictions in some Swiss coins;
    • Her forelock comes from an early and extremely rare version of the "Vreneli" (20 Franc Gold Coin).
  • Her name is directly taken from the name of the Proof of Work type that Riecoin currently uses.

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