Original Universes

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This page serves as a directory to original universes or fanons created by users on this wiki. To add yours, just add an entry similar to existing ones at the bottom of the table so the works are listed by publication time on the Wiki. Try to fit the summary into 1-2 phrases or 3-4 lines.

Original Universes
Name Author(s) Started[1] Summary
The Mainframe Sinclair-Speccy 2022-10-30 A fanon that aims to be free of glurge while including more male characters and redundant OSes/computers. In the beginning, The Mainframe mainly focused on making characters for iPhones and etc.
very troubl'd winbows, macks & lintux Francispwn 2022-10-30 A joke fanon where each character is a parody of fictional/rumored-to-exist OSes, or another pre-existing OS-tan. The name of this fanon is based off "Troubled Windows", an Adobe Flash animation based off Windows OS-tans and aims to successfully parodize the life out of it's source material.
Mona's Museum Pttn 2023-02-02 With the goal of expanding her modest IT museum, Mona explores the world with her friend Marina in order to find ancient computing relics of historical significance. What they don't know yet is that some of these treasures are possessed by what we call... OS-tans?
Windows Never Released Universe VistaIroha 2023-02-19 This universe focuses on fictional Windows Operating Systems, instead of Windows Operating Systems that exist.
UNIVER.SYS SpacePuffer 2023-04-04 A universe set in the dazzling and glamorous 1980s, centering around the lives of two music groups, the misfit rookie group Whizzy Wigs and the famous Color Squad.
  1. Date of the publication or first relevant edit on the OS-tans.moe Wiki, may be different to the actual publication date (if it was published somewhere else first,...).