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General Information
Full NameErica Citron
BirthdaySeptember 1
Debut2023-04-24 (site)
PersonifiesORIC computer series
Hair ColorIndigo
Eye ColorLight orange
Rika is outside! We're still trying to find her.

Erica “Rika” Citron is the personification of the ORIC series of computers produced by Tangerine Computer Systems, a British computer company. The first model of the ORIC series, the ORIC-1, was announced on September 1, 1982 and launched in early 1983, later succeeded with ORIC Atmos and Telestrat. The ORIC series was known for its games and advanced sound capabilities, yet also had a buggy read-only memory.


Rika was designed by SpacePuffer and published in this site on April 24, 2023.


Rika, the youngest member of Color Squad, is often affectionately referred to as the "baby of the bunch" by her fans, in addition to her playful and endearing personality. Rika is passionate about music and loves to sing and play musical instruments in her free time. She also enjoys playing with her orange yo-yo. Despite her hobbies, she has a determination to succeed. Unfortunately, due to her age and clumsy tendencies, other OS-tans often underestimate her abilities and do not take her seriously, even those in the Color Squad. However, Rika is determined to prove herself capable.

Rika's love for fun and games may stem from a deep-seated fear of being left alone. When she was very young, she witnessed her Admins being separated from her during a house fire, which had a profound impact on her. This incident led to Rika developing a fear of fire and an overwhelming sense of loneliness without any friends to turn to. Rika found solace in her role as an idol, seeing it as an opportunity to connect with fans and other idols rather than viewing it as a competition.

Family and relationships

Sinclair Twins

Even though Rika was created to be a competitor to Zach and Zinnia, the twins don't seem to take her too seriously, especially Zach who rather joke around with her. Rika herself didn't take it seriously either since she rather make friends than rivals. Zach and Rika later developed a camaraderie with each other during their time as Color Squad idols.




Whizzy Wigs


Names in other languages

Language Name
English Erica Citron
Japanese エリカ・シトロン(Erika Shitoron)


  • Rika's fear of fire and the incident that caused it was based on how the factory where the ORIC-1 was manufactured caught in a fire and burnt to the ground.
  • Rika's color scheme and her love for oranges and orange-flavored food are a reference to the manufacturer of the ORIC computer line, Tangerine Computer Systems.
  • Rika's instruments of choice are synthesizers and drums. The sound chip in ORIC computers can generate pre-made sounds.

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