MikroMikko 1-tan (Sinclair-Speccy)/Character

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General Information
Full NameMikko Idestam
Universe/OriginThe Mainframe
PersonifiesMikroMikko and other models of the MikroMikko
DeveloperNokia Data
Hair ColorWoody Brown (#402836)
Eye ColorTradewind (#6BADA9)
Other Information
AffiliationRetrograde Conglomerate (Member), Nokian Liittovaltio (Past Member)


Mikko Idestam wears a cocoa brown (#241A1B) coloured long-sleeved shirt, raffia (#E8E1B5) coloured tie, Zorba (#9B8D87) coloured heavy vest, friar grey (#84817A) coloured gloves and boots, deco (#D5D887) coloured necklace and Rangoon green (#060604) pants. She also has Sirocco (#667F79) coloured eyes. She also represents all models of the MikroMikko line

While Mikko Idestam's tall stature may initially give off an intimidating impression, she is far from evil or scary. Mikko's design reflects a rugged and industrial aesthetic, symbolizing the durability and robustness of the MikroMikko series. Since ergonomics is a big part of the MikroMikko series, she talks slowly as a reference to the very slow screen it has that is very comfortable even though it has a 50Hz refresh rate. She's respectful, honest and endowed with courage, energy and a strong will. She is inclined to think that anything she can do, others can too.

Despite her feminine qualities, such as her short hair, Mikko is sometimes mistaken for a male. However, she embraces her unique appearance and takes pride in challenging gender stereotypes.