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General Information
Full NameMike Bellevue
BirthdayApril 4
Debut2023-04-19 (site)
PersonifiesMicrosoft BASIC
Hair ColorStrawberry Blond
Eye ColorMedium Blue
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Mike Bellevue is the personification of Microsoft BASIC, a programming language first released for the Altair 8800 computer in 1975. It was the foundational product line of Microsoft, heralding its entry to the personal computer industry. During the home computer craze during the late-1970s and early-1980s, Microsoft BASIC was ported to and supplied with many home computer designs, with slight variations to add support for machine-specific functions, especially graphics. Currently, the latest incarnation of Microsoft BASIC line is Visual Basic.NET.


Mike's early concepts date back to 2017 and designed by SpacePuffer in 2019, making him the oldest UNIVER.SYS character by design, and has barely changed until now. In other words, Mike's creation singlehandedly started the development of UNIVER.SYS.


As the eldest, Mike serves as a mentor figure to early Logiciel OS-tans such as Nix, Amy, and others. He loves tinkering with code and programs, and has written his own books about programming, which he has distributed to different companies. Although he may appear reserved and distant, he is very protective of his successors and will do anything to support them, and encouraged them to pursue their ambitions.

Due to his revolutionary spirit and disregard for tradition, other OS-tans may perceive his way of thinking as irreverent or even blasphemous. Even though Mike prefers to deal with conflict logically, he is not above asserting himself and standing up against opposition. Since his debut in the 1970s until his current state in the 1980s, Mike has gone from a behind-the-scenes technologist to a more proactive figure among Logiciel's OS-tans.


Mike's early days began in the 1970s when Logiciel was first established in partnership with Alpha Enterprise. Even though he was made from a basic program, Mike displayed exceptional intelligence and a passion for computer science. He formed a friendship with Altea, Alpha Enterprise's Personal Computer, and they both underwent training under Allen, Logiciel's co-founder and technologist. Allen instilled in them the importance of independent and creative thinking.

Mike and Altea were revolutionaries who shared a vision of bringing computers closer to human society, and travelled around to spread their ideals to people and other OS-tans. However, their encounter with other OS-tans proved challenging as they faced criticism from Ilya, who believed that Altea's vision was unrealistic and had his own plan. There were other challengers like the fresh faces of Prismage's Ashton and Alan, both equally remarkable characters.

Mike's journey was full of meeting diverse characters and gaining new perspectives. This allowed him to break out of his comfort zone. However, it also exposed him to the stark realities of being an OS-tan and a revolutionary. He wanted to share his work to others, but was told to crack down by Logiciel's leader Trey due to concerns about piracy. Even though it wasn't ideal, Mike followed Trey's orders for the sake of the company.

One significant change occurred when Logiciel became independent from Alpha Enterprise. This marked the end of an era, as Mike had to part ways with Altea. However, his passion for computers remained undeterred, and he passed down his values of knowledge and independent thinking to his successors. As Logiciel began to grow, Mike's concern about his own future grew too. He had a new start, but it required him to adopt a more realistic and assertive vision that weighed on his mind.

Family and relationships

Amy and Mina

Edward and Axel


Allen (Admin)

Trey (Admin)

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Mike Bellevue
Japanese マイク・ベルビュー(Maiku Berubyuu)


  • Mike's name is from Microsoft itself.
  • Mike has a preference for chicken enchiladas, which references Microsoft's early days in Albuquerque.
  • Mike's actual birthday was unknown, but it's widely agreed that it's April 4, the same day his home company was founded.

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